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Standard Line of suction filters/strainers have flow rate capacities that range from 5 G.P.M. to 100 G.P.M.; connection sizes from ￿￿ to 3￿, and they can be fabricated to hold out solid particles from .0029 to .022 in diameter (74 microns nominal). More details and data sheets coming soon!

Full Flow Suction Filters and Strainers - Tech Data Sheet C-103

Suction Filters and Strainers w/ Relief Valve - Tech Data Sheet C-104

    Custom Fitting     Custom Filter    

￿Special￿ suction filters, strainers and return line flow diffusers are built to customer drawings and/or specifications. These custom made items often include design specific dimensions, connections, hardware and other unique requirements. Our ￿specials￿ are designed accommodate flow rate capacities that range from 3 G.P.M. to 300 G.P.M at a nominal vacuum differential. The ￿data￿ page shows just a few of the hundreds of ￿Specials￿ we￿ve designed and manufactured for customers during our nearly 50 years in business. More details and data sheets coming soon!

OF SPECIAL NOTE: Virtually all of our products can be furnished with their metal components made from 300 series stainless steel.

Alnico magnets are available for every filter/strainer we produce.

Some of our filters/strainers can be produced as take-apart units.

All of our filters/strainers are cleanable.

Filter or Strainer-

There will probably always be controversy in the industry over the exact definitions of filters and strainers. In the past, many such devices were named filters, but technically classed as strainers. To minimize the controversy, we offer these definitions:

FILTER – a device whose primary function is the retention, by some porous medium, of insoluble contaminants from a fluid.

STRAINER – a coarse filter, usually metal, with pores larger than 50 microns.

To put it simply, whether the device is a filter or a strainer, its function is to trap contaminants from fluid flowing through it. “Porous medium” simply refers to a screen or filtering material that allows fluid to flow through it, but stops other material above a specific size.

Reference: Vickers Industrial Hydraulics Manual Third Edition 1993

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